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Oven Conveyors

Our Oven Conveyor Systems, are an important part of any Food Factory System. If you are looking for bespoke Oven Conveyors, there are a number of things that you may consider to be sure that you get a functional Conveyor that will not break under the constant heat. At Midland Handling Equipment, we have a wide range of Oven Conveyors that will work perfectly for your applications.

Wire Mesh Conveyors for Food Production

Wire Mesh Conveyors are ideal for most Food Production Lines working as Oven Conveyors. They work excellently as lightweight conveyors, they’re also efficient and hygienic enough to move various food produce. The metallic build of a Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt allows the system to take on high temperatures without mechanical failure. Our systems allow a uniform style of cooking mass production. The gaps in the mesh allow for both liquid and air ventilation for even cooking, the large the gaps the more ventilation. The air ventilation is also helpful when used on a drying conveyor, such as after glazing or covering foods.

These Oven Conveyors are easy to clean hygienically, with the ability to remove all excess food off the conveyor belt. With our bespoke Oven Conveyor designs, it is possible to have space for a catch tray which prevents dripping, saving resources and reducing wastage, it also helps to keep a cleaner work environment.

Our Oven Conveyors come in different designs and configurations. With the variety of conveyors we offer here at Midland Handling Equipment, we can find a customised solution for you that will guarantee best results and best value for money.

Why Choose Us?

  • Trained and Certified – We take the success of your business very seriously. All of our employees are fully-trained and certified. We are able to offer the high-quality product handling equipment that meets Industry Standards. With our team, you’re guaranteed quality work.
  • We test our products – Before the installation of any Conveyor System in your factory, we test them ourselves first. With our in-house Design and Engineering Teams, we are able to check for flaws and correct them beforehand. With our own equipment, we’re able to be more thorough with testing and can monitor every aspect of our Conveyor Systems.
  • All-in-one service – Our Teams are in-house. We do everything ourselves from Design to Production and Installation. With Midland Handling Equipment, you will get all your Conveyor System Solutions under one roof.

If you would like more information on our Oven Conveyors or any of our other products such as our Pallet Gates, get in touch today.

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