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Platelink / Mesh Belt

Platelink and Wire Conveyors

At Midland Handling Equipment we offer a range of different conveyor systems such as plate link conveyors and mesh belt conveyors.

A Platelink conveyor system is made of many heavy duty metal links that overlap and adjoin each other, they are connected by steel rods making the system stable enough to hold heavy items, and this type of conveyor is generally used for bulk waste materials because of its strong durability. We create both flat level and inclined conveyors that can feed into hoppers or skips.

Mesh Conveyors are made up of woven metal link creating a mesh belt; these vary from wide opening to small opening mesh depending on your manufacturing needs. The mesh also comes in different patterns from rectangular shaped to triangular; mesh conveyors are primarily used for lightweight goods such as food produce whether it is low or high temperatures and the pockets within the mesh belts allow for good ventilation and can be used for liquid to circulate a product if needed. Mesh belt conveyors aren’t suitable for any heavy produce or anything abrasive and sharp.

If you have any questions on any of our products including slat conveyors, powered monorails or inverted chain conveyors get in touch with us.


Platelink Conveyors

Platelink Conveyors

Platelink conveyors are usually used in arduous applications to move bulk items like waste material, swarf and scrap metal. The belt is constructed from heavy duty steel links connected by steel rods which make the belt strong, sturdy but yet still flexible to move around corners and edges. The links are fixed to conveyor chains either side that runs in steel guides over sprockets at each end. Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we can create platelink conveyors at any length and width, varying on what product is being carried and to suit your business. Platelink conveyors can also be manufactured at a straight level or inclined/declined to feed material into hoppers or skips.

We make it our priority to manufacture only the highest quality of conveyors and ensure you have a system that has a long life. Giving you little downtime as we understand having a production line for any use it is critical the system doesn’t stop.

Mesh Belt

Mesh Belt

Mesh conveyors are used in many industries to move products through different processes and production lines. Steel mesh belts are made from strips of steel, assembled onto rods and can be galvanised or stainless steel. The length and width of the belts are manufactured by Midland Handling Equipment to suit the product and application that your business needs. The belt runs on a steel chevron flat bed unlike inverted chain conveyors with drive sprockets at one end and a tension drum and sprockets at the other.

The mesh belt and chevron bed are particularly suited for spraying and drying applications as the open design allows air to pass through quickly meaning products can dry off quicker making your production systems quicker and more efficient. There are many different shapes and sizes of mesh conveyor belts varying the size of the holes and ‘pattern’. This means we can cater for all different types of business sectors. PTFE woven mesh belts are available for lighter products and can still be used in high-temperature applications.