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Powered Monorail

Overhead Supported Conveyors

Powered monorail conveyor systems consist of a conveyor chain with bearing and pendants running through a steel track; they drive through the track via a Caterpillar drive which is configured to apply to the customers speed range via an AC motor and inverter. Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we provide a vast range of powered monorail systems and overhead supported conveyors. Our range is diversified by the maximum load they can take and product pitch. The tracks are commonly supported above head height via floor stands, or roof helps to give you great floor space below, we also offer inverted chain conveyor systems.

Our roof conveyor systems here at Midland Handling offer improved productivity and efficiency for your workflow. Powered monorail conveyors are ideal for different types of applications from inspecting to treating. It allows you to manage a product while it is hanging over the factory floor, for example, shot blasting and powder coating products need to be hung so you can approach all angles without the need to move around too much or endangering any employees.

Below you will find our full range of powered monorail conveyors. We provide companies with many different Trakmaster systems to hold loads up to 136kg, we also have an Envirotrak range to make your factory system more environmentally friendly.


Midland Handling Trakmaster Systems Range:

Range Loads up to
Trakmaster 152 26.8kg
Trakmaster 304 46kg
Trakmaster 228 60kg
Trakmaster 203 68kg
Trakmaster 406 136kg


Our Envirotrak Range for a cleaner environment:

Range Loads up to
Envirotrak 304 or 228 60kg


If you are looking for greater capacity and more functionality, please see our Power and Free range of conveyor systems. Alternatively, contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding our powered monorail systems or any of our products here at Midland Handling Equipment.

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