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Powered Rollers

Motorised Roller Conveyors

Midland Handling Equipment offers a wide variety of powered rollers and motorised conveyor rollers. A roller conveyor is an efficient handling system that can adapt to different load types, reducing the cost of your conveyor system and improving ergonomics by creating a productive powered system.  The range of powered rollers we supply here at Midland Handling Equipment varies from small to more heavy duty rollers. Most systems can be adaptable to an extent which means saving you and your company money. We have been providing solutions up and down the UK for many years.

Why use a powered roller?

A powered roller is used when the product or packages being moved are heavy or bulky; this is because the ‘power’ on the rollers moves the bulky products with ease. Powered roller conveyors offer a wide variety of different widths to suit all business needs. Line automation and control is also available with all powered conveyor rollers along with our range of merge units, bends and line transfers.

Chain Driven Rollers

Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we offer chain driven rollers. Chain driven rollers are used when you need little bit more power. A Light-weight line-shaft allows items to roll freely but with a chain-driven roller heavy duty items can’t ‘slip’ like they would do on a line-shaft, because the products need the power to move, such as pallet loads. Each roller is bound to the next roller by a chain which terminates creating ‘driver rollers’.

Every business is different which is why there are plenty of different options when having a Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor:

  • The power rollers come in different lengths and widths
  • The stainless steel construction is very sturdy
  • You can have variable speed controllers
  • Angle and channel guard rails
  • Different roller styles
  • Energy efficient motors

These ‘driver rollers’ also connect to the motor via a chain. The motor provides drive to all rollers on the bed at the same time providing a continuous flow. When you have medium sized loads and medium weight products, you may find it difficult to have bends or loops in your system. Here at Midland Handling Equipment, we offer right-angle transfer stations that give the same effect in a simpler effect.

Why you need to consider our powered roller options

Our customers will have quite a variety of options to choose from regardless of whether they’re looking for conveyor rollers or chain-driven rollers.

  • Different sizes – our range of powered rollers come in different lengths and widths. We appreciate that not all our customers will require the same size and length of the roller and have stocked diversely to ensure that we are able to satisfy the demand.
  • Sturdy construction – safety in the workplace is paramount and it starts with having quality and reliable equipment. Our rollers are made from stainless steel to allow them to handle immense loads and still remain functional over a long period of time. Being made from stainless steel also means that they are able to maintain their shine and looking decent for a long period of time.
  • Diversity – Not only do we stock different sizes of rollers but we also stock angle and channel guard rails, variable speed controllers and even different roller styles. We are your one-stop shop where you will find everything related to rollers under one roof.
  • Energy efficient motors – even while pursuing mechanisation of the workplace, the goal is to stay efficient both in delivering to your customers and also cutting your costs. With our cutting-edge efficient motors, you will be able to do this and more. You will not only cut your dependency on human resources to package heavy loads and move them around but you will also cut the cost of production while increasing your load handling capacity.

If you need any help in choosing the right conveyor rollers for your business or would like more information, get in touch with us today. We also offer systems such as waste conveyors, gravity rollers, inverted power and free systems and bottle conveyors.

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