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Waste and Slat Conveyors

Conveyor systems for unwanted waste

Here at Midland Handling Equipment we, supply a wide variety of waste conveyors using slat conveyors. To protect workers we, ensure all safety precautions have been put in place on the scrap conveyor system. Whether this waste system is used in the business sector such as within a supermarket or a borough council, here at Midland Handling we, only produce high-quality conveyors including our waste conveyor belts. Having a waste conveyor, you will dramatically reduce time and energy of staff members with the automatic systems; it also means cost efficiency is achieved. Our waste conveyors are bespoke to your needs so whether you need a wide conveyor to accommodate large quantities of waste or thin conveyors to separate the waste into segments; we have got a full range to offer.

Our slat conveyors are used in situations when the product being moved simply can’t on a belt or roller conveyors whether this is a high-temperature product or in particular heavy product, as a slat conveying system can withstand just about everything. This is why slat conveyors are normally used to waste disposal.

If you have any questions on our products from our waste and slat conveyors to our Platelink mesh conveyors get in touch with us and our helpful staff can provide you with more information.

Waste Conveyors

Waste Conveyors

As the demand for us all to recycle more increases Midland Handling Equipment designs and manufactures waste conveyor systems for waste management companies and local authorities. The conveyor shown here is designed to carry waste material from a floor level load area, up the incline, and into a waste compacting machine. However, we also create flat and declining conveyor systems. The belt is fixed to steel slats running across the conveyor between 4inch pitch 6000lb conveyor chains. Steel flights are bolted to the belt to aid the waste up the incline. The sturdy steel means that no matter how heavy the waste is thrown at it, it will stand the test of time, these conveyors are strong and durable. Our waste conveyors are made to the highest of standards to ensure a long life because as with most conveyor lines, they are constantly running and need no down time.

Slat Conveyors

Slat Conveyors

Slat Conveyors are ideal for applications where belt or roller conveyors are not suitable, i.e high-temperature ovens, heavy products or dirty and arduous conditions. Slat Conveyors work on a basic simple design, twin stands of conveyor chain run parallel within guides and around sprockets either end. The drive is mounted on one end and the tension device the opposite end.

Slats made of steel (normally galvanised or stainless), hard wood or plastic are bolted between the chains, effectively making a moving ‘table’ surface. The length of the conveyor and width of the slats is made to suit the product being carried. The slat conveyor can move at a constant speed or index, again dependant on the requirements. Products can be placed directly onto the slat or jigs can be fixed to the slats to assist assembly on production lines. Slat conveyors can be level or inclined to move goods between floors