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Conveyor Systems

DM_3541_2016_hm17_bannergenerator_120x600_en_72dpiOVERHEAD CONVEYORS

We are the number 1 provider of conveyor systems and overhead conveyors in the Midlands. Midland Handling Equipment excels in this area producing a broad range of handling equipment and factory automation to resolve most manufacturing or display problems in a safe and efficient way. Conveyor systems are used up and down the UK and worldwide, with various methods for each different systems, for example, overhead conveyor systems have been used in numerous applications from shop displays, assembly lines to paint finishing plants.

Our extensive range of conveyor systems includes traditional roller systems to belt conveyors. We also produce slat conveyors, powered monorail systems, mesh belt conveyors which are all ideal for warehouse logistics, storage solutions, recycling and waste disposal. We can provide lifting equipment and safety gates to ensure ultimate security in the factory automation process.

With Health and Safety and efficiency becoming vital in today’s competitive industry, it is imperative to provide factory equipment that protects and aids operators and staff in the best possible way.

As well as offering overhead conveyors we offer Power & Free, Free track and Inverted chain conveyor systems. Whatever your requirement, if it’s to do with the handling and transportation of materials, you should be able to find a solution within the pages of this site, but if it is not obvious, please get in touch with our sales team.

Having the ability to provide and install large turnkey projects yet still accommodating the smallest of jobs is an example of Midland Handling’s versatility. Being a long-serving and respected member of AMHSA and BMHF is further proof of Midland Handling Equipment’s position as one of the leading materials handling companies worldwide.


Creating Production Line Automation

At Midland Handling Equipment we have access to a wide range of CAD programmes in the design office to produce in-depth, detailed 3D drawings. The drawings we produce allows us to troubleshoot any problems when creating production line automation. Our in-house design engineers and technical experts work together to provide quality, efficient solutions to the hard problems. After we have the design, our team of mechanical experts and electrical engineers work together on the finishing of products. The final stage, if required, the process is completed by our installation and commissioning teams.

We are trained and certificated for all types of lifting platforms and carrying equipment, which helps aid a fast and safe installation. Finally, the accounts and administration are handled in our ground floor department providing all financial, health and safety, and legal documentation to the required standards.

Why Choose us?

Production line automation is a great way to cut costs and improve your quality, consistency and delivery but, it can also turn out to be a disaster if you don’t have the right partner. Why are we the best partner for you?

Comprehensive service – all our teams are in-house. From the design and drawing to testing, to production, installation and even administration, everything is under one roof. This helps to cut the production time, improve accountability and provide you with a worthy experience while working with us.

Trained and Certified – with the future of your business on the line, you want the best trained and certified minds and hands working on your projects. We are trained and certified in all types of lifting platforms and carrying equipment and we also have the experience building such platforms. You can rest assured that you will be with very capable people

Testing done in-house – Testing a system before delivering is very important. It helps to identify areas of fault and weakness. We do all our testing in-house which allows for more thorough testing and also makes it easier to make corrections to the system. After the testing, we have a team of mechanical and electrical engineers that work to realize the dream and make finished products.

Documentation – our administration team will present you with all the legal, health and safety documentation that is required for your platform. All that is left to do is put the system to work since we will go through the trouble of ensuring that all the paperwork is done.

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